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Stewart Falls Hike - A Utah County Favorite

Stewart Falls, Provo Canyon, Utah
Just above Sundace Ski Resort is one of Utah County's Iconic Waterfalls, Stewart Falls

Sundance in Provo Canyon, Utah
View of Sundance from the Stewart Falls Trail

Named after the Stewart family that homesteaded in the area, Stewart falls is a majestic 200+ foot waterfall located just above Sundance Ski Resort. The Falls run constantly and are fed by the snows on Mount Timpanogos as they meander their way to the North Fork of the Provo River. During spring run-off, Stewart Falls roars, swollen from the melting snow. As the summer progresses and runs into fall, the roar turns to a peaceful cascade and takes on a calmer beauty.

The public trail to Stewart Falls starts at the Aspen Grove parking lot just past the Forest Service booth on highway 92 (Alpine Loop Scenic Byway). The trail is 1.9 miles from the trailhead to the falls, or 3.8 miles round trip. The base of the falls is slightly lower than the trailhead, however, the trail climbs about 300 feet before descending 400 feet to the falls.

Stewart Falls Trail, Provo Canyon, Utah
View looking East from the Stewart Falls Trail

While not a difficult hike, there is enough up and down and uneven terrain that this shouldn't be your first hike of the season, or the first hike you should attempt if you are just getting into hiking. In fact, this is a common spot for Search and Rescue to assist hikers that stumble on roots, rocks or twist an ankle. If you've done a few hikes and your in decent shape this will be a relatively easy and beautiful hike.

Stewart Falls, Provo Canyon, Utah
View of Stewart Falls from the end of the trail

The hike begins heading West out of the Aspen Grove parking lot and then circles back to the East following a ridge into the taller pine trees. The trail is well marked and wide enough to allow traffic to pass in both directions. The trail makes it way through trees and open meadows and it gently climbs at first, than descends until reaching the falls. The trail opens up and offers an elevated viewpoint of the falls. From this viewpoint there is a trail that switchbacks to the base of the falls and the creek below.

Stewart Falls, Bottom Cascades, Provo Canyon
Bottom Cascade of Stewart Falls

A trail continues from the base of the falls toward Sundance, but this trail crosses private property and should only be accessed by residents and guests of Sundance. After enjoying the cool water and the beauty of the falls, you'll head back up the same trail you came in on.

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