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Slide, Snowshoe, Ride Tibblefork Reservior

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Tibble Fork Reservoir American Fork Canyon Utah
Tibble Fork recreation area, American Fork Canyon

Just a short ride up American Fork Canyon is a recreation destination for any winter outdoor enthusiast.  On a beautiful winters day you’ll come across snowmobilers, cross country skiers, snowshoers and even ice fisherman.

It is also a popular destination for sledding as the slopping hills just around the reservoir provide a fun ride for even the smallest of children.  Families can park their car and be on hills worthy of sledding in just a few minutes.

For those who wish to venture out farther from the parking lot there are trails that go to Silver Lake Flats and Silver Lake, Shaffer Fork, Dry Fork, Wasatch Mountain State Park & Cascade Springs.

The Skinny

Tibble Fork Reservoir – 7 miles up American Fork Canyon, turn left at the fork in the road

Winter Activities – Sledding, Showshoeing, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Ice Fishing, building Snowmen, having snowmobile fights and other tomfoolery

Trails go to:  Silver Lake, Silver Lake Flat, Shaffer Fork, Dry Fork, Wasatch Mountain State Park, Cascade Springs, Pine hollow and even Park City

Snowmobiling at Tibble Fork

Riding snowmobiles is a popular and fun activity at Tibble Fork.  It is part of the Wasatch Mountain Snowmobile Area that boasts more than 70 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.  Snowmobile trails from Tibble Fork go as far to Park City and Hobble Creek Canyon.

A popular ride from Tibble Fork to Wasatch Mountain State Park is 14 miles.  From here

View of American Fork Canyon on the Way to Wasatch State Park
View from the trail to Wasatch State Park

snowmobilers can ride on to Park City, Pine Hollow, or come back down the way they came.  Vistas of Timpanogos and other Summits along the Wasatch range are beautiful and frequent along the trail.  The trail gently climbs through Mountain passes as you make your way to Wasatch Mountain State Park.  It is not uncommon to see deer and other wildlife on the trail.

Snowshoeing At Tibble Fork

A Stream makes its way to Tibble Fork Reservoir, American Fork Canyon
A winter stream feeds into Tibble Fork Reservior

Trails abound for snow shoeing around the Tibble Fork Area.  Many enjoy exploring around the reservior while others will follow some of the snowmobile trails up the canyon.  My favorite snowshoe trail from Tibble Fork reservoir is Silver Lake Flat.   It is a three mile hike from the parking area and is moderately strenuous as you gain elevation along the way.

The walk is definately worth the view from the Flat as you get a gorgeous view of Mount Timpanogos and its surrounding peaks.  Hike Silver Lake Flat in the later afternoon so you catch the evening light on the peaks for a sunset you won’t soon forget.  Just be sure to carry a head lamp with you so you can see on the way down.  If you are looking for a date idea this is a great one.


Tibble Fork is a great starting point for both cross country and back country skiing.  The groomed snowmobile trails work great for classic cross country skiers.  Back country Skiers will often head up the road to Wasatch State Park and then peel off to take advantages of some of the great terrain perfect for a little back country adventure.  Like most back country areas, the Tibble Fork Region is prone to avalanche so make sure to take the proper precautions when traveling in avalanche terrain.


Children and Families enjoy sledding down the slopes around Tibble Fork Reservoir.  Many

Open water at Tibble Fork Reservoir
Tibble Fork and the North Summitt of Timpanogos

of the hills right around the parking area provide great sledding for young and old alike.  A popular sledding hill is located across reservoir where the hill is a little steeper.  It is a bit of an adventure getting to this hill as you have to do a bit of hiking.  Be careful if you decide to cross the ice, making sure it is thick enough.  With warmer weather ice on the resorvior can become very thin and break.


While I have never actually gone fishing at Tibble Fork Reservoir, I always see people fishing here.  When the reservoir is frozen over, ice fisherman take command of the reservoir with their augers.  As the winter afternoons begin to warm much of the ice begins to break up and anglers dot the shore line casting into the just opened water.  If you have fished at Tibble Fork drop me a line and let me know how the fishing is.

Getting Here

View looking west from Tibble Fork Parking Area
View west from Tibble Fork Reservoir

Tibble Fork is located about 7 miles up American Fork Canyon.  If you are coming from up north or down south get off I-15 at the Highland Alpine exit and follow the road east and it will eventually lead up to American Fork Canyon.  About 4.5 miles up the canyon take the left fork in the road and in another 2.5 miles you will arrive at Tibble Fork reservoir.  The way is well marked with signs making it very easy to find.

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